Tricep Exercises

Paul Dicks Press  Straight bar or Safety Squat Bar 
or on floor or with cambered bar.
Barbell Tricep Extension On Floor. Pause at bottom -  Vary the 
size of plates used to change the 
ROM -10s,25s,35,45s
Barbell Tricep Extension  To Chin 
Barbell Tricep Extension To Throat
Barbell Tricep Extension To Forehead
Dumbell Tri Extentions Palms Facing - on floor
Decline Tri Extensions
French Presses
JM  Presses
Dave Tate sent in a couple of new tricep exercises:
  1. Hang the bar in the power rack with the big blue bands (strap them around the top, one band for each end of the bar) . Do full bench presses with it up to a one rep max. You wont be able to rack the weight until you get 225 on the bar. After that, just rack and unrack it like you would if you were to bench out of the power rack. Make sure the pins that hold the bar don't touch the bands. They could tear them.  You can work up to really big weights because the bands lift the weight out of the hole. When you work up make sure to always hold the bar at the top for a second to work the triceps more. This exercise will blast your triceps like you can't believe.
  2. Another triceps exercise we do (not max effort)  with the bands is pushdowns. Put one end of the band (pink band) around each end of a straight bar (on the lat pull down machine). Now stick the middle of the band around the back of your neck. Do your pushdowns this way. They become super hard at the bottom of the motion. Make sure to stand up straight. You may have to tie a knot in the middle of the band if the resistance doesn't get hard soon enough.  Multiple sets of higher reps (6-10)